Complex, Mission-Critical, Compliance-Based

Aerospace & Defense Electronics

Aerospace & Defense Electronics is organized around two primary business lines: Information Security Solutions and Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Sypris Electronics is a trusted provider of high-reliability electronic solutions addressing customers’ needs for building complex, mission-critical electronic and electro-mechanical devices and integrated systems. Backed by 50+ years of experience, Sypris’ engineering, manufacturing, and test services span our customers’ product life cycle all within a culture of continuous improvement and Six Sigma/Lean thinking.

Market partners from multiple agencies and tier one companies team with Sypris for risk management, affordability, schedule protection, and unmistakable manufacturing quality. Customer engagements encompass electronic builds for hi-rel requirements and severe environments including military and commercial aircraft, guided munitions, undersea telecommunication cables, launch vehicles, medical devices, spacecraft and satellites, all with strict adherence to regulated requirements.

OEMs from Aerospace, Military, Medical, Undersea Telecom and Industrial leverage Sypris Electronics’ expertise in regulated markets for their critical and complex electronics needs as well.

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