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Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Sypris has made significant investments in capital equipment in order to enhance our manufacturing capacity for our line of oil and gas products. The dynamic condition of the current energy market has allowed Sypris to grow and meet the demands of our clients in upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the oil, gas, and petrochemical markets.

With manufacturing roots stretching back over 90 years, Sypris Technologies - TUBE TURNS® Products is seen as the leader in the design and manufacture of multiple pipeline and vessel products for the worldwide energy market.

  • TOOL-LESS® Quick Opening Closures
  • Yoke Style Quick Opening Closures
  • Threaded Closures
  • T-Bolt Closures
  • Bimetallic Transition Joints
  • Monolithic Insulated Joints
  • Swel-Plug®
  • Anchor Flanges/Forgings
  • Swivel Flanges

TUBE TURNS® Products have multiple uses on pressurized piping and vessel systems including rapid entry solutions for scraper traps, strainers, filters, provers, blow-downs, scrubbers and storage tanks throughout the oil, petrochemical and gas industries. Sypris also offers additional products for hydrostatic testing, corrosion protection and anchorage capabilities for pipelines as well as Al to SS Transitions for LNG and cryogenic services.

For more information on the products and services we can provide in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical field, please visit TUBETURNS.COM